Your generous donations to help me travel around New Eden will be gratefully received.

If you’re going to donate to help me travel the New Eden cluser, then please make sure it’s only ISK.

I can’t accept physical donations, because travelling around the galaxy to pick up items to help me travel around the galaxy just.. well, it won’t work.

In exchange for your donation, I’m going to offer you a small exchange for it. Not only will you be helping me travel the galaxy, but I’ll also put up a picture of your portrait onto the montage below, which will slowly fill up with the avatars of all those who support me.

Click to enlarge.


How does the montage work?

The way it works is simple. If you donate 50 million ISK, then your portrait will be sized as 50×50 pixels. For 250 million ISK, it’ll be 250×250 pixels. If you donate more than 500 million ISK, then I’ll have your image at the same size as what it is in-game. Trying to enlarge it will just blow it out and make it look like crap.

I’ll also add your character name to the portrait so that people will know who you actually are. You’ll be famous for your generosity.

And you’ll have my utmost thanks too!

By the way, if your corp or alliance wants to donate ISK, then I’ll use your logo instead of an avatar.

Note: minimum avatar size will be 50×50 pixels in order to be somewhat viewable. If I receive donations less than 50 million ISK, I’ll still put up the portrait at 50×50 pixels.


Why do you need ISK? 

Good question, well presented. I’m travelling around with a Tech 3 Cruiser to help me avoid warp bubbles and gate camps while travelling around with a cloak. Now, Tech 3 cruisers are expensive to maintain. If I get caught somewhere out in the depths of null space and lose the ship, I’ll need to get another one. If I don’t have any ISK, that’ll be a little difficult. But without the Tech 3 cruiser, travelling will be a little difficult too.

For me to do this journey around the galaxy, I need your help. I can’t do it without you, because I’m not earning money any other way.

All new donations will be mentioned in updates on this blog, and the donators will be added to the above image.


The Donators

  • Chronos Vega
  • Elisk Skyforge
  • Ehnea Mehk
  • Bootleg Plissken
  • Coffee Rocks
  • Tenaris Zeratul
  • Kythar
  • Wolf Ryski
  • Rixx Javix
  • Maestro Ulv
  • James Harmstridge
  • Gritz1
  • Rio Walk