Corp Bulletins


  • Code of Conduct – by the members
  • Lowsec & Nullsec Survival Guides
  • Teamspeak Server
  • Wartime Operations Policies and Tips
  • Corp Channels
  • How to add war targets
  • Our standings system explained
  • Providence is a nullsec ‘safe zone’


CODE OF CONDUCT – by the members

Click on this link for The Code of Conduct

The reason for the Code of Conduct is so that the corporation can adhere to the following mission statement:

We are a friendly, neutral and pacifist corporation. We maintain a non-aggression policy (PSNO – Pacifist, Shoot No One), even to those who would do us harm. We will develop and maintain friendships with corporations and alliances around New Eden, allowing our members greater freedom when travelling.

The Code of Conduct is created using member-driven proposals that are voted upon by the members – the members decide how the Code of Conduct is to be determined.


Touring New Eden has a Teamspeak server: T314.DARKSTARLLC.COM:10239

Join the Games > Eve Online > Touring New Eden channel.

You can download Teamspeak here:

Make sure you download the appropriate client for your Operating System.

You will need a microphone and headset to use Teamspeak. Don’t just use speakers, or people will be hearing themselves through your microphone.

It’s not mandatory that members be on Teamspeak. It’s just there if you want to use it.



One day – some day – TOURING will have war declared against it. All members need to be prepared for this. It’s a risk all corporations face.

To that end I’ve created the Wartime Operations Policies and Tips.

All members should be familiar with it, understand it completely, and abide by it during times of war. The warnings and cautions and advice and instructions are there to protect you. Your safety is of the utmost importance.


We have a number of channels available for members. You can find out more information here:

Corp Chat Channels



  1. Go to (in-game)
  2. Do the “I trust this site” stuff
  3. Click “Watch List” from the top menu
  4. Then “Create New”
  5. Click “Select List Type” from the dropdown, choose Corp/Alliance accordingly
  6. Type the Corp/Alliance Name and press “Fetch”
  7. Press “Save” (in the top right)
  8. Go to “Watch List” again, Select “View” on the one you just made
  10. Ensure you have NO NEUTRAL contacts in your list at present
  11. Press “Start Auto-Add”
  12. A pop-up will appear, Click “Neutral” and “Add contact to watch list” – DO NOT “Send Notification”. Repeat DO NOT!
  13. Check you have the same amount of neutral contacts in your list as the website reports/sent. Sometimes lag/errors mean that not everything gets copied from EVETOOLS to your client, so you may need to manually add some.
  14. Go to “People and Places” on your client
  15. Right Click “Labels” and create a new label with the corp name you’ve just added
  16. Go back to your “Neutral Standing” contacts, and highlight them all
  17. Right click them, select “Add Label” and then click on the corp to assign them to
  18. You should now have a label, with all those contacts in. It should be the same count as your neutral contacts
  19. Go to the label, highlight them all, right click and press “Edit Contact” and set to -10 (Terrible) standing
  20. You now have them in their own corp/catagory and no longer neutral. This is done to make repeating the process for the next corp you add easier. You use the neutral ones to find your new additions easily.
  21. Check for updates/new corp members regularly

[with thanks to the website of]



+10 blue = they provide physical or material support to us
+ 5 blue = they’re supportive of us and our goals, or known to be friendly and operate by NRDS* rules
-5 orange = they’re known to be hostile (and ex wardec enemies) – be cautious when you see them in local
-10 red = they’re hostile explicitly against us – be ultra cautious when you see them in local

*NRDS = Not red? Don’t shoot



I’ve spoken with one of the leaders of the Sev3rance alliance and received confirmation from them that all the sovereignty holders in Providence operate with a NRDS (Not red? Don’t shoot) policy, and therefore TOURING members will be safe there.

Accordingly, I’ve made blue all those Providence sovereignty holders because of their own friendly NRDS policy. If you travel around Providence, you’ll know the friendlies by their blue status.

Please note that we are NOT blue to them. Me making them blue is simply for our own identification in and around Providence as to who is friendly and how probably isn’t.

Also note that they may not be so friendly if they’re on roams outside of Providence, where they’re hunting red or neutral targets of opportunity. Always be cautious in nullsec, and if in doubt, stay hidden. Some blues will use it to their advantage.

The Providence owners have a policy – if your ship is destroyed by them, you should tell me. I will then organise them to reimburse you for your losses.

Enjoy flying around the ‘safe zone’ of Providence.