Eve Online Blogs

Below is a list of active Eve Online Blogs and their authors (because I love promoting the Eve blogging community). All these blogs are accessible via their latest posts to the left.

If you’d like to be on this list of active Eve Bloggers, add a comment below with a link to your blog and make sure you include your Eve character name.

  1. 2nd Anomaly From The Left [Orakkus]
  2. A Missioneer In Eve [Mike Azariah]
  3. A Scientist’s Life In Eve [??]
  4. Across the Threshold [Obil Que]
  5. Bits of Bacon, Spaceships, and Serious Business [FunkyBacon]
  6. Black Ronin Inc [Hera Deonidas]
  7. The Criminal Countdown [Saftsuze]
  8. Deep in Eve [Von Keigai]
  9. Eve Altoholic [Jeff Kione]
  10. Eve Manufacturing [Danny Centauri]
  11. Eve Mogul [Eve Mogul]
  12. Eve Travel [Mark726]
  13. EVEOGANDA [Rixx Javix]
  14. Extra Vehicular [Harkonan]
  15. Foo’s Eve Musings [DoToo Foo]
  16. Fuzzwork Enterprises [Fuzzysteve]
  17. @Gamerchick42 [???]
  18. Golden Crusade [Psianh Auvyander]
  19. Greedy Goblin [Gevlon]
  20. Interstellar Privateer [Rhavas]
  21. Into The Ether [Motoko Rei]
  22. Life on the Bubble [Bren Genzan]
  23. Loadout Optional [Golden]
  24. Markets for ISK [Croda]
  25. Maxwell [Kaeda Maxwell]
  26. Morphisat’s Blog [Morphisat]
  27. Never Pheed the Troll [Phox Jorkarzul]
  28. Neville Smit [Neville Smit]
  29. New Eden Mining [Resa Moon]
  30. Outlaw Insouciant [Mynxee]
  31. Sand, Cider and Spaceships [Drackarn]
  32. Sindel’s Universe [Sindel Pellion]
  33. Sovereignty Wars [Shalee Lianne]
  34. Target Caller [Talvorian Dex]
  35. The 4th District [Demion Samenel]
  36. The Coffee Rocks [Coffee Rocks]
  37. The Indecisive Noob [Lucas Kell]
  38. The Preoccupied Pod [Chix Kondor ]
  39. To Boldly Go [Katia Sae]
  40. Torchwood Archives [Lukas Rox]
  41. Touring New Eden [Alexia Morgan]
  42. Ugleb’s Journal [Ugleb]