The Touring Constitution – by the members, for the members

Touring New Eden is a corp based on freedom for its members, and what better way to help ensure that freedom than to allow the members to decide for themselves the rules they should abide by. Therefore, this corp has a Constitution created by its members, for its members, with new proposals suggested by its members, and voted upon by its members. Democracy and freedom in action!

NOTE: all proposals are raised in-game and voted upon by corp members who are shareholders.


The below Constitution rules have been created through a series of votes and accepted by corp shareholders, and all members will abide by it.

The Touring New Eden corporation agrees that:

  1. Any sharehold may propose changes to any of these rules or completely new proposals
  2. Voting on proposals remains open for 7 days to allow most corp shareholders time to vote. After 7 days the proposal is closed for voting and moved into the relevant section (Accepted or Rejected)
  3. Touring New Eden will remain as the pacifist corp it’s always been, and always should be
  4. Members will be kicked out of the corp if they get killed by war targets in highsec during a wardec ONLY if their loss value is more than 20 million ISK (affected members can re-apply to join TOURING once the war is over) – 6/6/21: suggest removing, as wardecs won’t be happening since we don’t have POSs
  5. The CEO has veto rights to invalidate a proposal if it looks like voting manipulation is occurring, or acceptance of a proposal would be disastrous for the corp’s direction (eg. if #3 is voted to change)
  6. Anonymous voting is disabled
  7. The originally-named ‘Code of Conduct’ be renamed to the Constitution
  8. Members will treat all players, everywhere, with respect
  9. A standard tax rate of 5% be put in place to assist paying for corp-sponsored activities (eg. skillbook reimbursement program, medals for member achievements, etc etc) Р6/6/21: is currently 0% and advertised that way in recruitment thread. Can be changed via voting to stay at 0% or be confirmed at 5% or other.
  10. Members will not initiate any acts of aggression against any other player, but may defend themselves with whatever means necessary. Members may also use ECM to defend themselves and other members from acts of aggression. Podkilling is an aggressive act and members doing this will be kicked out of the corp
  11. Members will be honest with each other and the wider community
  12. Members will keep public channels free of inappropriate content
  13. Members will not exploit or otherwise violate the Eve Online EULA
  14. Members can attain shares in the corp to allow for in-game voting on proposals
  15. New members must be in the corp for a minimum of 1 month before they can become a shareholder
  16. Share prices will remain as they currently are. Security checks and the probationary period will help prevent disreputable members from joining and taking advantage of voting rights – 6/6/21: the cost of shares needs to be voted on and confirmed. It used to be 10 million ISK per share, with only 1 share available per person
  17. New members will be given a one (1) month probationary period before they will be eligible to purchase a share –¬†6/6/21: duplicate of #15, vote should be made to change either
  18. New members can join the corp even during wardecs. Applicants will be advised of the war before joining, and provided the ‘wartime operations’ instructions¬†– 6/6/21: suggest removing as there will be no more wardecs
  19. If a shareholder becomes an ‘Awoxer’, then Black Claw will use his alt, Alexia Morgan, to use her majority shares to cast a vote to kick the shareholder out immediately