Nullsec Tours

Lowsec Destinations

  1. The Eve Gate: the source of all life in New Eden, where humanity arrived from the Milky Way galaxy. Pirates could be behind every gate as we make our way through 9 lowsec systems to see this popular landmark.

Nullsec Destinations

  1. Titan graveyard: the battle of Titans in B-R5RB, which took place on January 2014. A hazardous 15 jumps through some of the roughest nullsec systems in New Eden, followed by another 15 jumps back home. A guaranteed ‘edge of the seat’ ride all the way!

If any of you have any suggestions for other tour destinations, please add a comment below and I’ll investigate it and add it to the list if it’s interesting enough.

It began with an idea. Then I did some ‘market research’ and was excited to receive some support from Neville Smit of Eve Uni. I posted it to the Eve Uni forums, and feedback has so far been quite positive. And so it begins.

Here’s how it works:

  • Listed above will be a number of destinations to lowsec and nullsec landmarks and other places of interests (more will be added over time)
  • Interested pilots can contact me ingame or by email to discuss a tour to their chosen destination
  • There wll be preparation and instructions before a scheduled meeting at a ‘rally point’ prior to entering the wilds of lowsec and nullsec
  • I’ll take the pilot/s to their chosen tour destinations, doing my best to get them there safely and then back home safely
  • They’ll get to see some of the sights and hazards of lowsec and nullsec while in the safe hands of an experienced guide. Survival is not guaranteed, however, but if they follow instructions, they should make it back home in time for dinner, safe and sound.
  • When their experience is over, they can provide me with a gift of their choice as gratitude for the enjoyable and rewarding service they received. (If they died along the way, I really don’t expect a gift…!)

You can get started by contacting me today, and we can organise a tour for you.