Pacifist DUST player?

Yesterday I had a DUST player join Touring. I didn’t think it was possible, but it apparently is.

When I got their membership application, I was surprised. Out of curiosity I accepted it, thinking there’d be an error notification. But no, they immediately appeared in corp chat as a member, which also surprised me.

The process to get them in apparently bypassed the normal process of:

  1. I receive application
  2. I send them invitation
  3. they accept invitation
  4. they join corp

In their case, once I received their application I had only an option to accept it and they were immediately a member of the corp.

So I had a very brief discussion with them before they moved on. Click on the image to expand.


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  • Scitor Nantom

    Pacifists… can be quite frightening.

    • Black Claw

      oh? How so?

      • Scitor Nantom

        You never know when and how they attack. They can be the eyes and ears of those who would be aggressive, for one. 🙂

        • Black Claw

          I guess that’s true. However, that’s not my style or my corp’s style. I want to develop a reputation over time as pacifist, neutral, and friendly. I have no interest in damaging the development of that reputation by being stupid 🙂

          • Scitor Nantom

            Good deal. It’s always good to see someone carving out their own particular niche in New Eden.

  • Kyseth

    I thought about bringing in my Dust bunny but then he’d never be able to shoot anyone ever again. He gets crap for being a sniper. Imagine how much more he’d get for being a sniper that just does overwatch.