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I’ve been playing around with live streaming my game screen via, and I must  say that I’ve quite enjoyed it. I was thinking of doing a non-stop ‘idle cam’ of my screen, but the data usage for my connection is through the roof, so I don’t want to use it all up – not to mention how boring that would be!

The other option is just to live stream when I’m engaging in my travels, so that it can be seen where I am and how I’m doing.

Of course, there’s always the risk that someone will try to use that to gather intel on my movements and location, so that they can prepare a trap for me, so that could be quite dangerous.

The final option, and the one that I’ll probably end up doing, is to just record my travels on the computer, edit the highlights, and share it via YouTube with a link in my ‘daily travel report’. That way the highlights of my travels can still be seen, but without providing live intel to someone who might want to make use of it.

But there are others of you out there who are already streaming their activities via, and I have some questions for you.  🙂

  1. How are you finding it?
  2. Do you think there’s a risk of providing intel that could be used against you?
  3. Has this happened to you?
  4. What tips do you have for someone like me who’s just started exploring this?

Your feedback would be welcome. And also any feedback about what you’d like to see from me when I do present the videos.

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  • Dan Herd

    Hey BC 🙂 I stream too… Biggest issue at the moment is my connection, since upgrading 30Mb > 100Mb line, my stream disconnects after 2 minutes. Humphf.

    But I have a small amount of experience, so…

    1. I find the Twitch community very quiet. I can see guys watching my stream, most not logged in, very few people communicate with me via the chat. That’s fine, but a bit weird at first. Being watched in silence.

    2. Definite risk. I’ve been discussing my wormhole plans with corp mates. We’ll either: Not stream at all; block out the majority of my screen with overlays (webcam, black boxes, link to my blog, etc); record it and publish it once we leave the wormhole in question… If they want to kill you, they’ll definitely track you down based on the info 😉

    3. Not as of yet. But from my previous streaming they’d have to come take out a faction fit CNR in high-sec, so best of luck to them 😀

    4. Tips. I would say, definitely “speak to” your audience. Nobody wants to watch a ship fly around while you playlist your favourite 4hr mix tape. Talk to people, engage them. This is the bit I struggle with. See #1. I don’t enjoy “talking to myself”, but it’s chicken & egg scenario. Few people watching, you don’t speak, less people watch.

    Also Tip #2. Quality is more important on EVE than other games, screen legibility etc. If bandwidth is an issue, do a high quality 1hr stream instead of a low quality 2hr stream.

    … Now if I can just batter my ISP into submission, I will re-join the streaming ranks 🙂

    • Black Claw

      thanks @dan_herd:disqus. I’ve been playing around with it a bit, and I think I’m getting closer to doing it right. After some mistakes, that is. I’m going to be recording straight to my hard drive instead of stream what I’m doing, and then I’ll edit the results into highlights and upload them to a YouTube channel and integrate them into this blog.

      That way, instead of screenshots, there’ll be both a text history of my travels, as well as video. And it’ll be done without giving away any ‘live intel’. I think that’s going to be the best way.

      That will resolve the intel issue, as well as streaming bandwidth issue. And I’ll still get the result I want – just without the streaming. Which, as you say, isn’t likely to be that rewarding anyway.

      • Dan Herd

        I too am leaning towards no streaming & pushing a video out with any significant updates. (hardware issues, kinda forcing my hand) I suppose with something like EVE, you never know when the unexpected might trip you up; even as innocent as someone on comm’s “friendly entering ABC gate”.

        Well my first video recording is set to publish with tomorrow’s blog (although it’s a look at the alpha release of Cube World, completely not EVE related heh). Hopefully I can judge people’s interest for video entries based on that… then look at improving my editing skills so I don’t need a perfect first take every time 😉

        • Black Claw

          awesome, I’ll make sure I watch it when it comes out 🙂

  • Tanya

    Boring? Watching you sit cloaked in your ship for hours on end whilst you tend to other matter could not possibly be considered boring, right?

    That being said, I think ‘drone-capture’ of activities throughout the cluster does have a niche.

    • Black Claw

      I do enjoy exploring niche activities and seeing where they take me. Thanks for the feedback 🙂