Day 30 – Scalding Pass 1 (VIDEO)

Last night I recorded the first video of my travels, after having entered Scalding Pass and flying around a few systems as part of the ongoing journey around New Eden. I’ll do a ‘how to record quality video’ post at some later stage.

After some experimenting with video recording and streaming, I decided that the best solution to suit my needs was to simply record locally, onto a hard drive, instead of streaming. That was because far too much quality is lost during streaming, that it was difficult to enjoy the graphic beauty that the video was showing.

Please enjoy the video.

The systems I travelled through were:

  • 6-EQYE – nothing of interest
  • JLO-Z3 – checked out the local station
  • 03-OR2 – nothing of interest
  • U2-28D – checked out the Ruined Minmatar Outpost
  • 5-MQQ7 – nothing of interest
  • LQ-DAI – nothing of interest
  • 1V-LI2 – nothing of interest
  • M9-MLR – nothing of interest
  • Q-NA5H – nothing of interest
  • Q4C-S5 – nothing of interest
  • ZDB-HT – nothing of interest
  • 1QZ-Y9 – nothing of interest
  • 4-CM8I – nothing of interest
  • B-1UJC – nothing of interest

If you have any feedback that can help me make better videos, showing more of what you’d like to see, please feel free to add it below. Thanks!

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  • Tanya

    Quite nice, Black. Though one does wonder about your humour sometimes *grins*. Perhaps a little too long look at the station too? Sometimes less is more, so they say. Nice quality though, greatly improved.

    • Black Claw

      I’m thinking of just having short videos of the sights instead of screenshots, and avoid the videos of the entire travel. Only show videos of interesting things. What do you think?

      • Tanya

        I think you should ask yourself critically what you primarily want to get across with these videos of yours. In specific relation to videoing the travel per se;the way you ‘speed up’ in the video results in it hardly taking up much time at all, so whether you keep or remove that for future – I think – will make little difference.

        Perhaps for future sights you could give a little more information about them? such as just what they are e.g. Look at their information in-game and present that somehow in the video, such as text overlay like you do. Just a thought.

  • Lurigan Nautiluz

    Nice video, Black, good quality.
    That station made me remind of the Star Trek ship, whit that big disc. The Minmatar Outpost looked cool, specially because of the light and shadows made from a near star (i supose).
    Hummm, what i´d like to see more…hummm…we are in space right…what about some planets? There are some beautiful planets in New Eden 😉

    • Black Claw

      I started off my travel journeys showing screenshots of planets, but after a while they all became the same, repeated. So then I decided to just do screenshots of interesting sights like landmarks and natural phenomena, etc. That increased the speed of travel, so that I could just quickly skip through the systems that had nothing interesting in them.